The Best Fresh Home-made Copywriting

Original copywriting recipe:

  • ‘Write for You’ will write SEO winning words for your website and savvy sales letters that sell
  • ‘Write for You’ will make your life easier by saving your time, giving you more time to grow your business
  • ‘Write for You’ will meticulously edit and proof read your copy
  • ‘Write for You’ will produce powerful press releases for your new products, awards and events
  • ‘Write for You’ will produce your dynamic blogs, newsletters, brochures and leaflets
  • ‘Write for You’ will assist with your smart brand strategy
  • ‘Write for You’ will write your cutting-edge catalogue and product descriptions

Add a pinch of humor (when required)

Add buckets full of vividness and color, to bring your business to life

Let’s measure your success!

freelance copywriter in Bishop’s Stortford


  • Meetings. I may need to meet with you to gain a full understanding of the requirements of the writing work. It is always great to put a face to a name! Getting to know you and forming a strong business working relationship will reap benefits.
  • Developing a brief.  We can develop and agree the brief, before we begin working together.
  • Background research and planning. The project may need extensive online research, interviews and reading of previous promotions. We must identify USP, key features and benefits that are not being highlighted by your competitor products. Consumer needs for your products and services and their motivators to buy are all key parts of research and planning.
  • Brainstorming and creative ideas. The project may require brainstorming and developing creative ideas. Generating options and then choosing the right ones will lead to top-ranking campaigns.

Once all the above steps are complete, the writing begins.

  • SEO. Keyword research is an essential part of captivating copywriting. Successful SEO writing and marvelous META tags will have you talking loud and clear with Google! This will strengthen your proposition and ensure you are high on their rankings.
  • Technical complexity. The writing may require highly technical information. Let’s discuss.
  • Changes and tweaks. I know you will be pleased with my writing but changes may be required, with some re-writing.  We may then need to finish with a few final tweaks, to produce an approved copy.
  • Collaboration. I may need to brief or be briefed by other people involved with the assignment such as designers, web developers or PR agencies.
  • Image selection. Images are a very useful way of demonstrating your products and services. The benefits of images can’t be underestimated.

Finally, leave time for the winning words to be finely crafted by skilled hands!

 Unique freshly-made results:

  • Attract customers’ attention to your organisation and website, with winning words.
  • Communicate your messages succinctly and create ‘desire’. Your customers will take action and contact you.
  • Persuade your customers that your product is a better purchase than any of your competitors.
  • Lead generation and
  • SALES!!


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