Get great results, premium copywriting content, brilliant word choice and relevant tone of voice!

As a qualified freelance copywriter and content specialist in Bishop’s Stortford, you could say that I am writing hungry! I enjoy writing winning words to persuade, compel and sell. I like to think of myself as a sales person working at a computer! And I offer great value for money too!

Write for You makes your life easier by leveraging your time.  My job is to create original, optimised, relevant, simple but strong copy for you. Bringing your business to life, through sensational sentences that sell, excite and entice your customers to act! Written from the customers’ perspective, sales letters that sell your products and copy that will motivate! From perusing to purchasing!

Write for You will ‘supercharge’ your website and communications. Newsletters, direct mail, product descriptions, blogs, case studies, ad concepts, press releases and whatever else you require. Great content maintains interest and converts business!

Keeping up to date with constantly reviewed relevant copy will ensure that you remain ‘current’ in the market place.

With over 20 years of experience working across sectors, my experience has dipped into many different industries. Also being a researcher, it is my job to find out what people need from products they buy. This information becomes copy content with solutions. Building copy based around meeting their needs, brings profits. By addressing these needs, ‘Write for You’ will convince them they can’t help but want to buy your products and services.

For a free quote, just email or phone me. The only way to judge the value of my writing is to try it for yourself. So, if you are thinking, “Maybe I could try out her writing services,” please do.

P.S Thanks for reading this and look forward to hearing from you. To claim your 10% off first order, contact me today.

What we say

from experience, knowledge, aspirations and goals

How we say it

tone of voice, feelings and personality

Brand names and strategies

At Write for You, it is a priority to get your brand as close to customers requirements as possible. Meeting their needs, rather than your own is a winning strategy.

Let’s look at what you offer and why you exist. What solutions can your organisation offer? What needs of your customers can your organisation meet? How are you positioned in the market place?

I love research, so let’s start with a SWOT analysis. Seems like a good starting point. Next, a good old fashioned consumer survey is great for uncovering indispensable information of people’s views.

You need a strong, competitive brand strategy which will deliver your company messages, vision, values and goals.

Looking for a new brand name? Let Write for You make suggestions!

Brochures, leaflets and newsletters

Writing a newsletter to reach a wide target audience, is a useful way of additional exposure to your regular media communications. Your newsletter can incorporate case stories with testimonials which will provide social proof. Also new product feature articles, technical tips, ‘how to’, ad campaigns and company announcements keep your customers updated.

This list is not exhaustive! The newsletter will promote your organisation’s products, services and activities in the best light. No fluff filler included!

Write for You is here to write your newsletters, brochures and leaflets, write here, write now! Use my contact page to find out how.

Catalogue writing and product descriptions

Write for You guarantees succinct, persuasive and concise product descriptions. Writing catalogue descriptions is very different to brochure writing. Snappy benefit laden headlines and fragment sentences, conveying key facts in about 25-30 words are usually what is required. The reader should have a concise description of the product, enabling them to take the next step to the buying process. Including a company letter, can add a personal guarantee of customer satisfaction and can highlight offers and new products.

All your product descriptions are written from your customers’ perspective and in a tone of voice to suit. Engaging keyword rich content will delight and not just describe!

Let’s set your brand apart from competitors and build trust in your products.

Copy editing and proof reading

Do you have some copy that is already written but may need checking for accuracy? Write for You will work through your copy, correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling. Lists, page numbers, formatting, sentence structure, language pitch and more will be checked too.

After editing, your document will be proof read. No major text changes will be made at this stage, it will be looking for final spelling and formatting changes.

Write for You is ‘reading’ ready and waiting!


Direct mail sales letters, email copywriting and concept ads

Write for You will deliver sales letters that sell your products and copy that will motivate. My writing will connect you with your customers, in a tone of voice that suits. It will also raise awareness of your brand. Generation of high-concept ideas and customer focused direct mail, email copywriting and concept ads will attract and engage. Let’s get your customers from perusing to purchasing!

From your creative brief, Write for You will produce dazzling and dynamic direct mail, efficient and effective email copywriting and creative and convincing concept ads!

Press release copywriting

Who, What, Where, Why and When?

Press releases are a great way of telling readers about your company and are one of the most effective forms of publicity. They can be instrumental in driving people to visit your website. Professionally crafted, they have the advantage of being able to inform, persuade and inspire the reader to take action. Demonstrating your new products and business ventures, through strong attention-grabbing headlines and impressive copy will retain business and generate new leads.

Write for You is here to write your press releases, write here, write now! Use my contact page to find out how.

SEO copywriting and web copywriting

We all need words, both spoken and written. These are how we express ourselves. Chances are that you have seen how quickly word trends come and go, particularly through social media. Words can change their meaning and can become unrecognisable from their origins. Who would have thought that the word ‘sick’ can now mean ‘cool’ and ‘good’?

Write for You generates ‘stand out’ persuasive copy. Ensuring that your key messages are integrated into the content, you can transform your business and get your messages out to a wide audience.

Staying on top of your media communications is so important. Improving SEO and content marketing should be done regularly. This will ensure that you remain at the top of people’s ‘searches’. Don’t let weaker pages on your website drag down the ranking of other pages.

The importance of SEO can’t be underestimated, as it helps convert business. But it can also be a distraction. ‘Keyword stuffed’ copy can back-fire and can have negative consequences on Google searches. Diversifying and broadening your keyword targeting through your organisation’s interests and intent, together with topical optimization is proven to get better results.

Straightforward headlines and relevant copy with a logical flow are a must, together with good images and positive testimonials.

Write for You looks forward to working with you NOW. Contact me today to find out about my great prices!